My lips are darkened, what to do?

Problem of dark lips might make you bullied at young ages. It cannot be solved; and the older you grow, the darker your lips are. Dark lips may be caused from the dark skin complexion which is one of the genetically heritage from father and mother; but some people, even though having light skin complexion, have darker lips when they grow older. There are many questions!!! Why me? My parents are not dark. I don’t smoke or eat spicy food. There is no need to think because dark lips have many causes.

First, let’s find out the cause.

Gene: It is certain that ones with darker skin complexion will have darker lips. Human lips have many colors like lipsticks, In general, people with white skin complexion will have pink or dark pink lips. If the skin complexion is yellow or tan, the lips will be less pink or even dark and very dark. These traits are inherited genetically from father. Mother and grad parents.

Age: The older we get, the more we use our lips such as to expose them to sunlight, spicy food, toothpaste and lipsticks. These irritating things darken your lips. Like body skin, the more they have friction, the darker they become.
Smoking: Smoking and frequent lips licking can Darren the lips.

Sunlight: Sunlight can cause destruction. Exposed to sunlight frequently, lips can become darker than normal. If the lips are allergic to lipsticks and food, they will become even darker when exposed to sunlight.

Lipstick allergy: This is another frequently-encountered cause. This is even worse when the lips are exposed to lipsticks that do not meet standards. It does not matter whether lipsticks are cheap or expensive because allergy can be caused from perfumes, colors or preservatives in the lipsticks.

Temperature: Temperature can be another cause. If the weather is cold, lips will be darker than normal because synathresis and shrinkage of blood vessels but this is temporary, so it is not worrisome.

Chronic Diseases: Patients of chronic diseases such as anemia will have insufficient blood in lips. Thus, skin cells are not nourished. Meanwhile. Polycythemia can also cause dark lips.

Some Medicines: Some medicines cause allergy and darken lips. Examples of such medicines include antiseptics, fungicides and medicine for pneumonia.

Some Fruits and Vegetables: Some vegetables and fruits, such as ginger, Chinese celery, coriander, onion, garlic, and sour fruits such as tangerine, pineapple, mangoes and tamarinds, because these foods contain Soralen that may remains on lips after a meal. If this substance is exposed to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, they will have chemical reactions making the lips inflammable and have more melanin cells that are urged to be generated. Consequently, lips are darkened.

Different Easy Ways to Solve Problems of Dark Lips

1. Avoid the causes.
– Smoking and lips licking
– Avoid lipsticks that cause allergy, use lipsticks with sunscreen.
– Avoid toothpaste that causes allergy; and after eating vegetables and fruits that darken lips, wash and clean the lips.
– Apply lips nourishing lip balm to moisten the lips before going to bed.

2. Drink a lot of clean water.
This easy solution really works! Sip water the whole day in order to moisten your lips, making your lips ample. Drinking water also helps solving problem of dull skin and dark circles under eyes.

3. No trail and error.
Do not buy medicine by yourself or change products all the time until you become allergic, which make cause lips inflammation and darken your lips.

4. Lips brushing can help.
After brushing your teeth, gently brush your lips for 1 – 2 minutes with the toothbrush with remaining toothpaste, which will clear dead skin cells out and the lips will become more pinkish within 1 month. Don’t forget applying Vaseline after brushing your lips.

5. Scrub your lips.
You may use lips scrub products sold generally or use natural lips scrub. The first formula consists of honey, sugar and Vaseline, each of which is in the amount of 1/2 teaspoon. Mix all the ingredients together and gently rub it and leave it on lips for 10 minutes before wiping out with cotton and warm water. This formula will exfoliate the dark skin away, making your lips pink and soft again. Another formula consists of lime juice, milk and sugar, each of which is in the amount of 1/2 teaspoon. Mix all the ingredients and apply it by gently massaging all over the lips or applying it with cotton for 5 minutes (not for anyone with wounds one lips). Both formulas should be used just twice a week.

6. Use tint.
Tint makes your lips look healthily pink without giving the expression that you are trying harder. Tint turns lips into pink ones like lips of young maidens. As for the technique for applying tint, it is not difficult. First, apply lip balm to nourish your lips before gently wiping the excessive lip balm from the lip lest the lips look too soaked. For any lady with dark lips, it is advisable to apply concealer or BB cream slightly to hide the dark color of the lips in order that the color of the tint will be more visible. In the next step, divide the lips into 3 zones. The inner zone of the lips is for the tint; and then, use a nude color lipstick like the one that make your lips look pale to blend all over the lips (don’t use colorful one) and apply gloss all over the lips.

7. Lip Liner
If you still think that lip tint is too colorful and look unnatural, you can use lip liner in natural color tone to draw the line of your lips for little color in order to hide the lip line which is the darkest part of your lips. After that, apply lip gloss as usual.

8. Lipstick can help.
To apply lipstick with AHA or whitening agent regularly can make your lips become more pinkish; but avoid using too glossy lipsticks for they absorb light and make lips look darker. For anyone with dark lips, apply concealer or foundation in the color that matches your skin complexion all over the lips before applying lipstick in your favorite color on the inner part of the lips. If you want the look of at working lady, apply lipstick all over your lips . (If you are afraid that to apply concealer will make the application of lipstick difficult and hide the lip line, you can use a lip liner to draw the lip line before applying lipstick.)

9. Use lip balm.
Apply a lip care product every day, especially during the winter season when you should apply lip balm more often because your lips are always dry and peel off; and the chances to become allergic to substances will increase. A good lip balm or lip care product will contain moisturizer to moisten your lips, such as vitamin E, Lanolin, aloe vera and Dumethicone.

10. Laser.
Laser Treatments for Pink Lips such as melanin control laser treatment so that the laser will remove some melanin. Each laser treatment takes no more than half an hour. After the treatment, you will feel slightly itching; but be patient because the itchiness will disappear within 15 minutes. As for the consideration how many times you should have the treatment, it depends on the darkness of your lips, but averagely, you need to have the treatment for 3 – 5 times; and your lips will become pink for your satisfaction. After having the treatment, avoid using lipsticks or balm and wax of all types. Apply Vaseline and drink a lot of water in order to keep your lips hydrated and not irritated and become dark again. In addition, you should avoid sunlight and smoking. Avoid food and toothpaste with strong flavors. Each treatment costs 2,000 – 5,000 baht per time depending on the number of laser shots, techniques and difficulty levels. After the first treatment, you will see the change immediately.

The article by Doctor Thirathat Samphaongoen, Anti-aging and Health Regenerative Medicine and a Physician of WOW CLINIC.