What nose job can improve your life?

  • Good career life
  • Sweet love
  • Assistance to husband’s life
  • Fortune and luck

What nose shapes are not good?
– Misfortune                       – Over-expense
– Doomed love life       – Loss of assets

Dr. WOW will tell you secret
To have a nose job in accordance with the principle of physiognomy
What nose shapes make you look good and fine tune your luck?

To change your physiognomic traits for better personal life, career life and love life, and to have endless revenue

The 4 key points to be considered when having a nose job:
1. The bridge is raised in the proportionated level as a slope to match with the brows. 
2.The septum is raised, having flesh and is proportionated with the face.
3. he nose tip is in the shape of a water drop that is considered to be a sac of gold.
4. Alar Nasi is not wide spread, in order to be good at collecting money and to spend money wisely.

Nose bridge = A part of the nose that is between the brows
A nose bridge is linked to the brain, and brings thinking from the midbrain downward, and represents power and decision making.

✅ A good nose bridge must form a slope from the point between the brows like a bridge that link thinking from brain. People with good nose bridges are able to make good and sound decisions and to have good ideas to make money. A thick nose bridge with flesh like a nose of a lion represents power.

❌ A bad nose bridge is too high and deformed, and starts from a point over between the brows, which reflect poor physiognomic features that lack of the link with thinking from the brain.

Meanwhile, people with nose bridges that begin lower than the point between the brows or people without a nose bridge do not have money route or bridge that links thinking to money, cannot make good decisions, are ever changing. Thus, most of these people do not succeed in life, cannot become rich or stick to the same jobs, working as employees or labors.

⚙️ Solution
The nose and nose bridge can be adjusted to form a slope from the heads of both eye brows, not too high or too low or not in line with the heads of brows and eyes.

The septum = The part from the bridge, representing financial status, power and love.

A good septum has thick flesh, representing success and self-reliance, and very good love life and financial status.

A long nose represents patience in doing time-consuming work, creativity and good health, but the length of the nose must be proportionated with the face.

A straight nose that is not deviated or deformed or has a hump represents smoothness in finance and love life without any obstacle.

❌Bad septum
A septum that is thin, has little flesh and looks bony represents bad health, poor financial condition and problematic love life.
A sharp septum like a knife reflects conflicts with spouse and problematic love life.
A deviated or deformed septum reflects unstable emotions and violence.
A nose with a hump means frequent financial difficulties in the age of 40+ years.
A nose with a wound or scar means difficulties in life during the age of 44 – 45 years in terms of love life and finance.

⚙️ Solutions 
To adjust the septum to be straight and to remove hump
To increase the thickness of the septum in order to hide the sharpness of the nose or the silicone
To remove scars and moles on the septum
To adjust the skin color of the nose to be bright

A nose tip = the edge of the nose that is connected to septum and Alar Nasi, reflecting money collecting and moneymaking habits and fortune.

Good nose tip
A round nose tip represents good heart and prudent planning.
A nose tip with thick flesh that looks like a water drop is the nose with a sac of gold to store riches.
A nose tip that is shiny represents luck.
A sharp nose tip represents smartness and ability to see opportunities that others do not see.
A nose tip that points down represents capabilities of making money and finding money-making opportunities.
A nose tip that points up represents the Yin Power, kindness and service mind.

❌Bad Nose Tips
A nose tip that has little flesh, with cartilage shown, represents bad fortune in finance and difficulties in work.
A nose tip with a mole or scar represents fussiness and tendency to lose riches at the age of 48 years.
A too pointing-down nose tip represents the excessive focus on finance and the tendency to tale advantage from others.
A nose tip with a vertical line in the center represents the tendency to have a heart disease.

To add artificial tissue, tissue from the back of ear, ear cartilage, collagen,  filler or fat to make the nose tip round and ample
To remove moles and scars on the nose tip to turn severe bad things to light ones

Alar Nasi = the part around the two nostrils
Nostrils can reflect the behaviors related to money spending and savings.

Good Alar Nasi

Thick Alar Nasi represents the capabilities of making and saving money.
Wide Alar Nasi represents the capability of making money through various channels.
Nostrils that cannot be seen from frontal profile or side profile represent capabilities of smart spending and making financial plans.

❌Bad Alar Nasi
Wide Alar Nasi with little flesh represent the chances to lose riches and to spend money aimlessly.
Narrow Alar Nasi means to have more expenses and incomes and to face with a financial crisis at the age of 49 – 50 years.
Alar Nasi with wounds means the elimination of channels to make money.
Pointing up Alar Nasi that shows nostrils like a pig’s nose reflects opening and out-going personalities, with the drawbacks being the incapability of keeping any secrecy and the habit of spending money carelessly.  

To have botox to downsize the Alar Nasi
To fill the nasolabial folds can downsize the Alar Nasi
To correct the shape of the nose by making the nose tip point down top hide nostrils.