HIFU is a technology that firms faces and necks and prevents flabbiness of the skin around the faces and necks, under the chins and around eyes, keeping it firm by using ultrasound wave with special features and a high level of accuracy called ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’ which is one of the latest innovations in the field of dermatology, which transmits high frequency sound wave to the skin and the wave will be transformed into small dots of heat that go directly into the under layers of the skin, targeting on the SMAS which is the upper muscle layers , or going deeper to collagen in shallow and deep skin layers, as deep as 4.5 mm from the uppermost layer of the skin. At present, no other technology, except the surgery. The transmission of heat will deliver heat as small dots that are aligned together with the even interval of 1 mm. Thus, the power can go into the skin layer in the thorough manner and can be delivered deep down into the spot that needs treatment. Consequently, the skin in the treated area will be gradually and naturally smoother without any side effect to skin in nearby areas. The safety level of this technology is satisfying.


How can WOW HIFU firm skin and shape face?

WOW HIFU is a technology that emits power from wave with specific features, which will be transformed into small heat dots, into the lower skin layer, targeting the area of the upper muscle layer (SMAS) in a way that other technologies, such as laser or other ultrasound waves, cannot do. This heat transmission creates the shrinkage like the stitching of the flesh underneath the skin in SMAS layer as small dots with even intervals around 1 – 1.5 mm in the line, leading to the consistency of the power that can go deep to SMAS, causing the muscles to shrink. Thus, the skin will be formed. When there are new tissues generated in SMAS layer, the vertical and horizontal collagen threads that are connected to the upper skin layer will be tightened. Consequently, the skin will be gradually pulled up and smoothened and look natural from inside out.

Step of HIFU Treatment/ Feeling during HIFU Treatment

Around 30 -60 minutes before HIFU treatment, local anesthetic is applied. Afterward, the ultrasound gel is applied on the area to be treated. The physician will slowly emit the ultrasound wave into the layer under the skin. This will cause slightly painful and warm feeling underneath the skin and will vary among individuals. After WOW HIFU treatment, you can see the difference immediately and the consequences will be better and better consistently until 3 – 4 months after the treatment. Some patients’ skin may be slightly reddened but the red skin will disappear within 1 hour. After the treatment, the patient can put on make-up and wash their faces as usual, and there is no wound on the face.

Outcomes from WOW HIFU Treatment

After WOW HIFU Treatment, the face will feel firm and look thinner with eyebrows raised and thus, eyes becoming bigger, making the face look rejuvenated. In addition, face, chin and necks feel firm and smooth and pores look smaller without having any plastic surgery. The outcomes depends on the skin conditions of each patience and the physician who gives treatment. There is a report from research work stating that the treatment with sufficient power will make the outcome of formed face become more precise and last longer.

How much time is needed for VNC ULTRA SMAS treatment?

WOW HIFU treatment takes around 1 s/hour. The results can be seen directly after the treatment.

Is WOW HIFU for who? 

  • For anyone with flabby skin, eyelids and eye-lines, or few to moderate wrinkles and lines; and anyone that needs firmed face in V-shape and formed skin.
  • For anyone that does not want or is scared with face lifting surgery but wants to enjoy equivalent effects of firmed skin
  • For anyone having scant or no time for recovery because, after the treatment with this device, customers can put on make-up as usual without the need for recovery.

Can WOW HIFU be done with other procedures such as the injection of Botox and filler?

Since Botox is the dissolution of lines, jawlines and the functions of unwanted muscles. Thus, it has functions that are different from WOW HIFU but can work together. Meanwhile, filler is injected in order to refill collagen that is lost. In some patients, after WOW HIFU treatment, the skin is firmed and to inject filler is not necessary. However, for some patients with deep grooves such as check grooves and grooves under the eyes, filler may still be necessary depending on the treatment plan of each physician.

Is WOW HIFU superior to other face and neck -firming laser?

When you grow older, skin will be flabbier. This happens in upper or lower skin layer or collagen or even in fat to bones and muscles. At present skin-firming laser technologies in general is the rehabilitation of upper collagen layers. The power of the laser cannot go as deep as 4.5 mm or SMAS layer that is over the muscle layer an is the key layer for face-lifting surgery.


How WOW HIFU is different from Fractional RF (E-matrix, Thermage)?

Fractional RF(E-matrix,Thermage) is the ultrasound wave that is separated through the golden tip head in a pyramid shape, which has aide power base in the collagen layers under the skin. The rehabilitation of this layer is great enough to cure acne wounds, smoothen the skin texture and color, and firm the skin and pores. In addition, there are also new skin cells that make the face look bright. Meanwhile, WOW HIFU is the focused ultrasound that can go as deep as 4.5 mm and thus can lift the skin the in layer that physicians do surgeries. However, normally, WOW HIFU is not used for curing acne wounds or smoothing the skin. 

Safety of WOW HIFU Treatment

WOW HIFU is ultrasound technology which has been used in medical fields for more than 50 years. The treatment with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is for adjusting the face shape, face lifting and face firming. The treatment does not cause any wound or bleeding. There might be some red rash but it will disappear within 1 hour. There is no need for recovery. Patient can put on makeup immediately after receiving the treatment.